Property Investment

Property investment is always about the demand recognition as the supply is usually fixed. Although, as with any investments, election causes a slowdown and investors staying put while considering their options, house prices remain strong and stable. Increase in prices year to February 2017 has been recorded at 5.8%. We had […]

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Sell Profit, Buy Value

Yesterday’s prediction that house prices may correct 40% hit us by surprise. What arguments are there to call for such a decline? 40% devaluation would be a result of an economic crisis, not a correction. Here is what we think may happen to house prices and property values in the […]

Buy To Let Property

Buy to let sector faces some pretty tough times at the moment. However, is it all doom and gloom? We don’t believe so. We remain optimistic and look forward to the future. Here are five reasons why buy to let sector is still attractive and definitely not out of steam. Demand outstrips supply […]

General Election

The general election is round the corner and amongst many questions, you may have in regards to the parties policies, there may be one as to what will happen with your property value and housing supply after 8th June 2017?  No surprise general elections bring so much emotion and public […]

Bank Holiday Weekend

As it’s Bank Holiday Weekend, some of you may still need to make plans to get most of it. Have you booked all the viewings you could and see all the houses you wanted to? We are sure there is still time to do so. If you spend your weekend […]